OKLAHOMA CITY - A new car just arrived in Oklahoma City Friday, as construction continues.

Businesses along Broadway say the roadwork hasn’t helped their bottom line, but they’re optimistic.

Scott Wagoner owns Urbane Home and Lifestyle near the intersection of Broadway and 10th Street.

“The construction is not great for business right now, but the end result will be worth it when that happens,” Wagoner said.

Outside Wagoner’s shop is limited parking and restricted lanes, and it’s been that way since streetcar construction started months ago.

“For the next couple months, it will be a struggle for all of the businesses down here,” Wagoner said.

Urbane Home and Lifestyle is moving to limited hours, until construction ends.

All the work is leading to the Oklahoma City Streetcar system opening in late 2018,

The second of seven cars arrived Friday, much to the excitement of downtown visitors.

The route will 22 stops through Bricktown, Midtown, Automobile Alley and the Business District.

Updates from the city released Friday say until then, construction on Broadway and Robinson will continue until mid-April.

Until then, Wagoner’s being patient.

“Once it's done, there will be a spot behind us, there will be the train in front of us, so we're in a great place. We just have to wait it out,” Wagoner said.