TULSA, Oklahoma - A man's car is damaged after a street cave-in Monday evening on West Edison near Owen Park. 

Officials say two eastbound lanes of Edison are closed near Quanah after Jose Castaneda told News On 6, he felt the road buckle and give way underneath his car.

Castaneda said the 15-foot by 12-foot hole has now left him without the use of his car. 

"I was driving down the street coming from the park and all of the sudden I felt like the floor was sinking, and I was falling down. Then I noticed there was a sink hole, and I sped up and my car got messed up and the tire broke," he said.

"I think my axle and all that broke too."

The driver wasn't hurt.

"I'm happy I'm alive," Castaneda said. "I am frustrated because that's my only car, and, yeah, I'm upset because it's messed up and that means I can't go to work with a messed up car."

Crews plan to begin making work Tuesday morning, repairing the damaged storm line and filling in the hole. The city is working with their traffic control company to decide if they can make the street two-way or if they have to direct traffic around the area.

No word on how long it will take crews to repair the storm line and fill in the hole.