TULSA, Oklahoma - Police are gathering more information after a man stumbled up to a Tulsa home early Tuesday saying he had been hit on the head and stabbed in the leg.

The home is located in the 200 block of East 53rd Street North. Police and EMSA were called and the victim was taken to the hospital. His condition is unknown, but an officer on scene said the man was alert and talking when he was transported.

Investigators said they found blood in the passenger seat of a car parked in the driveway and a trail leading to the front porch. They said they don't know who the vehicle belongs to or how it got there.

Police said the victim isn't saying much, but they believe an officer saw him 45 minutes before the stabbing was reported.

"He was holding his leg, did not want to be seen or talked to, so the officer left," Corporal Tracy Clark said. "And then someone called us to notify us that he was sitting on his porch."

Police tell News On 6 they were called about an hour before the stabbing to the neighborhood on a report of shots fired. They are trying to determine if the two calls were related or not.