TULSA, Oklahoma - A man and a juvenile are arrested in connection to social media threats made against Tulsa's East Central High School.

Police said a juvenile re-posted a thread from a different day and said, “Y'all that claim to be shooters better pull through 100%.”

They said the adult, 23-year-old Tony Vue, then joined in on the post saying, “We goin to war, LOL,” then posted a photo of an AR-15 and Glock handgun.

Police said the juvenile was arrested at East Central High School for threatening a violent act.

Through a search warrant, officers found an AR-15 rifle, a Glock 19 and six fully-loaded magazines in Vue’s home.

Police said he too was also arrested for threatening a violent act.

School leaders say there were rumors that a weapon was found here at the school but that was just a rumor.

Tulsa County jail records show Tony Vue bonded out late Tuesday.  Those records also show he has a court appearance set for Monday, March 5th.