WESTPORT, Oklahoma - A Green Country father wants answers about who hit and killed his son as he walked along a highway.

Josh Breman died two years ago, and his family hasn't stopped looking for the hit and run driver since then.         

"That's the sad part. You can't see your loved one,” said Josh's father David Breman.

David has a picture that used to hang in his living room but doesn't anymore because it hits too close to home.

"It affected me differently,” he said. “I was angry inside, simply because the way the accident happened. You're angry inside because you have no closure."

On February 27, 2016, Josh was hit and killed by a driver while he was walking down the road on Highway 412 near the Cleveland exit.

"In a construction zone, he was walking,” David recalled. “He was struck sometime, they figure around midnight."

Two years later and the driver hasn't been found.

"They say there was very extensive damage because the car hit him at 75 miles an hour,” David stated. “There is no answer to why. Things do happen, but we don't know why."

It's been a hard two years but David hopes that someone will come forward with information that will help trooper's find the driver who hit and killed Josh.

"Don't look at how things have happened because that is what upsets you,” said David. “You've got to look at all the good things, the good times that you had."

There is a reward for anyone who gives the Highway Patrol a tip that leads to an arrest.