TULSA, Oklahoma - Potholes are popping up all around Tulsa thanks to the cold, rainy weather.

The City of Tulsa has crews out in force making repairs to potholes on busy streets.

Leon Kragel with Tulsa Streets Maintenance says winter and spring seasons are notoriously tough on our roads.

"Right now, we've got crews all set up to run arterial streets," said Kragel.  "With all the rain we had, the road surfaces started deteriorating and we started seeing larger holes than normal."

That's why crews hit the streets Tuesday to patch up as many hazardous holes as they can.

"We try to concentrate on the areas that we know are more hazardous than others and try to address them first before we move out," stated Kragel.  "We're trying to continue to do any repairs we can before the rains get heavy."

Crews have been out combing the streets looking for anything that need patching.  While they're trying to cover as much ground as possible, Kragel is encouraging citizens to call his department if there is a concern in their area.

"When citizens are out there and they see a large concern that could be hazardous, we'd love for them to call 311," said Kragel.

Kragel says they'll come back out and make more permanent repairs when the weather clears up.