BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Broken Arrow Police arrest a man after he allegedly drove a semi-truck into a fence and then forced his way into the residence.

According to the victims, the suspect, Christopher Leslie, had come to the residence about 10 to 15 minutes earlier asking about leprechauns.

One victim says that, shortly after Leslie left, she heard the dogs start barking in the residence.  When she got to the living room, the victim says, the door burst open and Leslie entered.  She says Leslie was repeatedly told to leave, but when she tried to close the door behind him he pushed it open again.

The victim says she then ran to her brother's room for help.  The brother and a friend managed to subdue Leslie and they took him outside until police officers arrived.

Officers took Leslie into custody and transported him to a hospital for medical clearance.

Leslie was read his Miranda Rights, stated that he understood his rights, and declined to speak with the officers.  However, he later told the officers that he was told by an unnamed person that he needed to go to an address in a short amount of time or he would die.

Leslie is facing possible charges of first degree burglary, destruction of property, and leaving the scene of a crash.