TULSA, Oklahoma - Three students are facing charges for making threats to three schools in Green Country. The district attorney says charges are also on the way for two other juveniles.

The district attorney's office says charges will likely keep coming in as authorities wrap up their investigations and get the paperwork in.

As for the charges filed Wednesday, the students involved are all under 18 and were from Owasso High School, Liberty High School and Daniel Webster High School.

The DA says the student who threatened Owasso High on February 2 and the student who threatened Webster High School made specific threats with a specific plan.

If they had been 18, they would be facing felonies.

The threat to Liberty on February 15 would have classified as a misdemeanor.

The DA wants to make it clear that these teenagers will be held accountable.

"The message is getting out. They're getting arrested, they're being hauled in, they're being brought into court,” said DA Steve Kunzweiler. “We're going to deal with you, and we're not going to treat it like you're stealing soda or beer from a convenience store. This is a threat to our community and you're going to be treated accordingly."

He says the court will have to come up with a safety plan to make sure there are no risks to the community.

The next step for the three students is arraignments in juvenile court.