TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa family has waited 34 years to find out who murdered their mother and they're afraid time is running out.

Key suspects and witnesses are dead, others changed their story and a weapon is missing from the property room.

Eleanor Stewart was 35 years old and raising four kids alone when someone went into her home and shot her. Her 17-year-old son found her. Prosecutors charged someone but had to drop the charges when witnesses started changing their stories after one of the witnesses had their home burned to the ground.

Eleanor's children said she was feisty, good-hearted and willing to help anyone who came to her door.

"As soon as I turned the doorknob, I could feel something was wrong. As soon as I opened the door and went inside, I knew she was dead," said her son, Wayne McClure.

Police said Johnny Overstreet and Tommy Hall were in the house while another person waited in the car. Overstreet was charged with murder, rape and armed robbery, but, then, like in many of his other cases, the case fell apart when witnesses clammed up. Overstreet was killed a year later in a crash while running from police in Oklahoma City.

"Nobody talked to you about it, nobody tried to help you get through it, you just had to suck it up," said her daughter Juanita Stewart. 

Police said the person who waited in the car has cooperated. Officers recently did a DNA test on a person of interest and said the results prove he was in the home, but detectives said that's not enough for an arrest. Eleanor's family said at this point, they just want the truth.

"He's able to solve this case for us and give us some easiness about this and truly allow my mom to rest in peace. He can do that right now," McClure said. 

"It may be, this is a long time, get over it, to a lot of people but it's not that easy and I want answers," Stewart said. 

Police said what they need to make an arrest in this case is for a solid witness to come forward.