TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - What started as the search for a pair of stolen baby goats turned into something much darker for Sand Springs Police Thursday.

On Thursday morning, a Tulsa County family said they went to check on their animals and noticed a few were missing including two goats. They also said one of their sheep was beaten to death.

“I was thinking ‘oh we will never see them again.’ I just was hoping whoever got them takes care of them,” said goat owner Jerry Don Spencer. 

Thursday morning, Jerry walked outside to let the animals out of the barn like he does every day. 

“I didn't pay much attention, I've got so many of them,” said Spencer. 

Then he noticed a duck was missing and his wife couldn't find their two baby goats. 

“My wife she raises them goats and loves every one of them just like a kid,” said Spencer. 

Then they noticed one of their sheep was severely beaten and barely hanging on. 

“It just kinda breaks your heart especially if they kill one of them for no reason,” Spencer said.   

Jerry said he and his wife then reported the missing animals and told officers about the sheep. Then they noticed a post from the Sand Springs Police Department. 

“I really wish we would’ve been able to return these goats and that is all there was to the story,” said Sand Springs Police Captain Todd Enzbrenner. 

Captain Enzbrenner said they got a call from the fire department earlier this morning about two juvenile boys carrying guns near Walmart. 

“Our officers determined that the rifles were actually pellet guns,” said Enzbrenner.

He said one of the boys was also carrying a duffle bag. 

The two goats were inside, the boys claiming they were there’s. 

Though the family is happy to have their goats back, they wish all their animals were safe and sound. 

“Anymore, you just anything can happen it seems like.  Just like today is my birthday. Bad birthday present wasn’t it,” said Spencer. 
The Tulsa County Sheriff's Office is now investigating this incident because the animals were stolen on county property. 

They are still early in the investigation so we will continue to follow this as it develops.