OWASSO, Oklahoma - An Owasso man is in jail, accused of faking his own kidnapping in order to get money from his family and friends.

They received text messages saying Johnathan Davis would be beaten if they didn't send money.

Police said not only does Johnathan Davis have to answer to the legal system for this situation but also to his family and friends for putting them through such a traumatic ordeal.

Police said Davis' family received a picture with the message, "I'm making Jon's other ones match the first one."

"Every situation, we have to take it seriously, we have to look at it like it's a real kidnapping, real person held for ransom," said Owasso Police Deputy Chief Jason Woodruff. 

Police said the messages from Davis' phone began Thursday night at 6:13. 

First, it was just a request for $375 to a PayPal account. Then, a message threatened one of Jon's hands.

A picture of broken fingers came in 45 minutes later. That's when his wife called the police. 

About 30 minutes later, a longer message said in part, "the longer it takes to get money, the more damage I will do to your family here. Keep stalling or get L.E.O. involved and I just get my tools dirty."

The next message was a plastic bag wrapped around what appeared to be body parts that said, "tick tock, tick tock" and one more message that said, "PayPal me."

Four hours later, officers, FBI agents, and U. marshals found Davis at the River Spirit Casino in Tulsa.

"Agents did find him in the casino, unharmed, alone and he was still in possession of the phone used to send these messages to family members," said Woodruff. 

Neither Davis nor his wife wanted to comment.

Police said this was a huge waste of resources plus traumatic for Davis' family.

"They thought this was real, they went through this traumatic event," said Woodruff. 

Police said Davis' family did the right thing by notifying law enforcement.