GARFIELD COUNTY, Oklahoma - Garfield County was shaken by two 4.2 magnitude earthquakes Sunday evening.

Emergency management is asking people around the epicenter to check for damage to their homes.

For some, it’s not difficult to find. 

Shaila Hollis found a crack in her home’s wall Monday morning, after being shaken by the quake Sunday.

“We didn’t know what fell. We thought maybe something crashed outside because of the wind,” Hollis said.

The movement, coming from earthquakes and not wind, spooked Hollis and her dog.

“The ground started shaking. When my dog started going nuts, I knew,” Hollis said.

The dog’s instincts were right. Emergency managers confirm two 4.2 magnitude earthquakes are a little unusual for the little town of Breckinridge and the surrounding areas.

“We have normally earthquakes in the upper twos a lot of the time. I’d say probably two or three a month, something like that but overall, overall this has been a big one,” Garfield County Emergency manager Mike Honigsberg said.

After fielding several calls from concerned homeowners, Honigsberg is asking folks to check their homes for damage and to contact insurance providers.

“This way we kind of keep track of what’s going on because if we’re going to start having worse earth quakes and that kind of thing, we need to be aware of pre-damage,” Honigsberg said.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission says they are looking at four nearby Arbuckle disposal wells for any correlation to the seismic events.