SAPULPA, Oklahoma - TPS isn’t the only district considering extreme measures over a lack of funding.

Sapulpa Schools superintendent Rob Armstrong says a strong message needs to be sent to lawmakers in Oklahoma City.

He says, there's been a lot of talk since late last week about a possible strike.

"We have scheduled a meeting for Wednesday afternoon with all our staff at 4:30 to just give some information to them about what's currently happening,” said Armstrong. “They're asking questions right now. We're asking questions. This is still something that's kinda work in progress."

Armstrong says this movement is really gaining momentum, especially a strong social media push.

His district recently lost $86,000 when the recent two-percent cut was approved.

Money that he says is much needed for his teachers and the classrooms.

The cuts over the past five years have hit his district so hard, they're only able to offer the core curriculum.