OKMULGEE, Oklahoma - Social media threats against schools since the latest shooting are creating a new demand for active shooter drills.

Okmulgee school leaders met with law enforcement Tuesday to make plans.

Law enforcement in Okmulgee County say they've put even more attention on school safety since the Florida shooting and they want to make sure they're working together best they can.

Every school district and law enforcement agency in Okmulgee County met to talk about what they would do in an active shooter situation, what they want school officials to do as well.

These groups have talked together before, but they want to make sure they're working together the best they can.

Deputy Smokey Patchin, Okmulgee Co Sheriff's Office:  "Hopefully this will be a game changer for everyone.  I know in this county it will be,"  said Deputy Smokey Patchin, with Okmulgee County Sheriff's Office.  "We're working with our folks and we're going to make changes to be the best we can.  And it's not just a law enforcement view, it's us working with the local schools because it's fifty-fifty."

Okmulgee School Superintendent Renee Dove says, "they want in to practice as much as we want them in there - so that we all become very familiar with it and what it sounds like so that we can automatically know exactly what to do."

Law enforcement in Okmulgee say they're spending more time than ever canvassing social media looking for threats against schools.

They're asking schools to participate in training with them and offering to come into the classroom and talk with school leaders and students about what they can do to improve basic safety.