MUSKOGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Muskogee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after a man says his utility shed was stolen outside Haskell in broad daylight.

That utility shed was about 12 by 16, and in less than one hour, people were able to literally pick it up and haul it away.

In the surveillance video, you can make out a white truck hauling a utility shed, followed by another truck towing a tractor away from property owner Barton McCaslin Jr.'s home. He believes those are the people who stole his shed. 

"I'm sure they took it somewhere and sold it to somebody for just a little better money,” said McCaslin Jr.

McCaslin Jr. says he was away when his shed was stolen. Inside, there was a piano along with freshly installed flooring. Altogether he estimates everything valued at about $5,000. The former school teacher is frustrated. 

"I spent my lifetime trying to teach people to do right,” he said. “I don't think that's doing people right.”

McCaslin Jr. Says he believes the thieves used one tractor to lift up the shed and place it on the back of the empty trailer before making a clean getaway. 

"They need to do the right thing because someday they'll pay the price,” he stated. 

In the meantime, he's sharing his story to warn others so something like this doesn't happen again. 

"This is not the only place they will do it if they do it and get away with it,” he said. “They will probably try it again somewhere else.”

If you have any information you're asked to call the Muskogee County Sheriff's Office.