As wildfires, fueled by strong winds, quickly grew out of control, hundreds of acres burned in Osage County.

The flames came within feet of the Tatum family's home.

Brad Tatum says, "we had a pretty dramatic fire out here.  I was in the house, smelled a little bit of smoke.  By the time I got my boots and shirt on, it was already in the yard."

The grass burned nearly up to the front door.  Tatum says the flames came within 3 or 4 feet.

Tatum credits the Bartlesville Fire Department with helping save his home.

"I got a hose out and started watering everything down.  By that time the Bartlesville Fire Department was already here," said Tatum.  "If they wouldn't have been here so quickly, it probably would have got the house.  It was close."

The fire reached so close that the inside is covered in thick black soot and smells of smoke, but the Tatums says they are thankful to still have a house.

Fire crews are still working to determine how the fire started.