SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - A Green Country volunteer firefighter is waking up without a home after a fire destroyed hers late Tuesday. 

The walls of the home are still standing, but the fire basically gutted everything inside.  Nichole Avey was at work Tuesday evening when she got a call saying her house near Coyote Trail and 225th West Avenue was on fire.  

She immediately headed home, but by the time she arrived the roof had already collapsed. Nichole says a neighbor and firefighter were able to get in the backyard to rescue her German Shepard, Kahula.  She also had a pet snake, that did not make it.

Nichole is a member of the Keystone Volunteer Fire Department, which is the department that put out the fire at her house.

Her parents also spent years fighting fires and Nichole says even being around fires her whole life, she still thought it would never happen to her.  Pretty much everything inside the house was destroyed in the blaze, so the family has set up and online fundraiser for Nichole.

There is one irreplaceable item that made it out of the fire unharmed. An urn that hold Nichole’s grandmother’s ashes.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.