BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - A new exhibit of paintings created by art students at Broken Arrow High School is on display at the Historical Museum.

It's titled "In My Own Backyard."

Broken Arrow teacher Jennifer Brown applied for a grant from the education foundation for supplies, and her students used those to create the paintings.

"Part of the idea would we would then have an art show of the pieces the kids did after they explored Broken Arrow a little bit," Brown said.

The exhibit opened last week.

The assignment was to take a photograph of something interesting in Broken Arrow, then, create a painting from the photo.

Reagan Ferguson took a picture from behind a cowboy sculpture.

"I thought, ‘Well, if they do the horses they're gonna do it from the front. I don't want to have the same painting," Ferguson said.

Missy Wortham and Nataliya Rumachik also turned their pictures into paintings.

"I was walking down the street and I saw the big sign on the ground and I thought getting it from a low perspective would look cool," Wortham said.

Rumachik selected a sidewalk scene for her assignment.

"It was rainy that day, so it was kind of like glisteny and like sparkly," she said.

Brown said her students exceeded her expectations.

The “In My Own Backyard” display will be on display at The Museum Broken Arrow at 400 South Main Street until March 17.