TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Education Association plans to list its demands for state lawmakers to avoid a shutdown of classes statewide at a news conference later today.

As of now, the deadline is April 2nd, if legislation to reform education isn't signed by the Governor Mary Fallin by April 1st.  

The OEA wants all districts to cancel classes.  If classes are cancelled, this could cause a major disruption across Oklahoma.  

The association says those demands will include pay raises and restoring education funding.

Teachers met in Tulsa Wednesday night to talk about arrangements for students who eat at school and for parents who will need childcare.

April 2nd is much sooner than the original deadline OEA wanted on April 23rd.  Teachers say this new deadline is pressure-packed because of testing.

"Now we have a date, April 2nd and that would interrupt state testing. That's a big price to pay and hopefully that concentrates the legislatures attention," said Tulsa Public School teacher John Waldron.