TULSA, Oklahoma - Celebrity Attractions has brought a bit of Broadway here to Green Country this week with "Finding Neverland."

I had the chance to visit the Tulsa Performing Arts Center to meet one of the stars and step into the "glitter vortex."

"Finding Neverland" is all about rediscovering your inner child.  It's a story of hope and love and follow your dreams, never grow up. 

"One of my favorite moments is what we lovingly refer to as the glitter vortex. It's one of the most magical moments I've seen onstage and to get to be a part of that every night is completely surreal," actress Lael Van Keuren.

You may already be hooked on the story of Peter Pan, but "Finding Neverland" is the story of Peter Pan's creation.

Based in London in 1903, the musical takes a look at author J.M. Barries' imagination and inspirations.

"'Finding Neverland' creates these sort of magical moments for him to discover, oh, the acorn or the thimble. These ideas that people know and love from Peter Pan," said Lael Van Keuren.

"My character goes on an emotional journey. She is a widow in the story, and she's raising four spirited little boys by herself."

One of those boys just happens to be named Peter.

This show tours with about 60 people, that includes the cast, crew members, the orchestra and stage managers. Plus you can't forget the crocodiles, mermaids, Tinker Bell or Captain Hook.

Tickets are still on sale at the TPAC box office with the show running through Sunday, March 11th.