TULSA, Oklahoma - This week, News On 6 told you about a new program to help stop panhandlers on Tulsa streets.  That program is called "A Better Way."

Starting Friday, you may see vans with program logo driving around areas with a high homeless population.  

Workers will pick up panhandlers in targeted "hot spots" around Tulsa.  They'll be given an option to work instead of begging for money.  

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, anyone picked up in the van will clean up city parks and earn $65 after their workday is done.

Plus they will get a lunch as well as having access to social services, where they can get help finding a job and place to live.  

"This is not the end all, be all solution to panhandling or homelessness. And we kind of use those terms interchangeably. But it is one solution, it is a better way. And there are people who we know of who want to work," said Alex Aguilar with the Mental Health Association of Oklahoma.

On Mondays and Fridays, the van will make random pickups, but on Wednesday mornings, there will be a set time and place where the van will pickup anyone interested in the program.

That location is the Denver House near 17th and Denver and the pickup time is 8 a.m.