JENKS, Oklahoma - A Bristow man is in jail, accused of making lewd proposals to a child.

Jenks Police, like other police departments, have undercover Facebook profiles. They said Anthony Peterson sent a friend request to that profile and sent messages that started benign then turned sexual.

Police said it started January 15th, and, in the first message, Peterson said he was 33 and the "girl" made it clear she was 14.

An affidavit says after talking about movies and music, Peterson said he wanted to talk about "naughty things," then talked about "doing her." Then, they say he told her I'd "love to start kissing your neck while my hands ran up and down your beautiful body, feeling every part of your body."

They say it got more explicit and detailed, then, they said Peterson sent a nude picture of his privates and requested the same.

"When they get to the point when they send us naked pictures, now wanting to meet us, when they start to want to meet us is when we take it to the D.A.'s office and try to get a warrant for them,” Sergeant Melissa Brown said.

The affidavit says Peterson asked more than once if she was the police and said he didn't want to go to "jail because of her age." It says he wanted to take her virginity and would not hurt her or laugh at her during the teaching process.

"This is just the file, see how many pictures we have, screenshots of everything that has been conversated between the undercover profile and the suspect. We gotta get these guys off the street," Brown said.

Jenks Police say they've made five of these types of arrests in the past five months.

They say if any other underage girls have had contact with Peterson they would like to know about it.