BARTLESVILLE, Oklahoma - The Bartlesville Board of Education met Monday to discuss whether the district should temporarily suspend classes in April so teachers can protest.

The Board voted unanimously to approve the superintendent’s recommendation to suspend classes beginning April 2nd if a deal is not reached by that time.

Hundreds of people were in attendance to voice their support for teachers.

Parts of the discussions at the meeting were emotional.

“We’ve been frustrated for a long time, so we’ve watched our classroom budgets drop, we’ve watched our classroom sizes increase, while for 10 years we’ve not had a raise,” said Heather Boyle, President of Bartlesville Education Association.

Boyle says she and other teachers just want adequate and sustainable funding.

Many students say they agree.

Senior Markus Klawun says “I can’t wait to join the teachers in the capitol and show the legislature what we really think.”

When asked what would be considered adequate and sustainable, Boyle said it includes smaller classes, a raise for teachers and support staff, and a budget that allows teachers to stop spending so much of their own money on supplies.

Senior Greta Olsen says she has seen firsthand how much work her teachers do.

“I have a math teacher that is in her classroom at lunch every single day,” said Olsen.  “That’s her time and she’s helping us with our math.”

Teachers say they want their students to know that every teacher rally and protest is for them.

“I hope my students know that this is for them,” said Boyle.  “This is because we believe in public education.  We want them to have the best education and the best teachers.”