OWASSO, Oklahoma - The Owasso School Board unanimously supported a resolution supporting teacher and a planned work stoppage.

Assistant Superintendent Amy Fichtner told News On 6 the board supports the “teachers of our district – their value to our students, their professionalism, and the need to compensate them more appropriately.”

The proposed teacher walk-out is scheduled for April 2, but Fichtner said they are hopeful the legislature will pass a bill funding education and a teacher pay raise.

In a Q&A posted on the district’s website, they discuss some reasons why the planned walk-out is happening and how it would impact the school schedule and school testing.

They say there is no maximum number of days a “work stoppage” can be in place but said 180 days, or 1080 hours of instruction, is required by law and if that amount isn’t reached “we risk having our State funding reduced proportionately to the time we miss.”

The Q&A also explains that state testing begins in April and that State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said there would be no changes to the schedule.

It also says for every day missed during a walk-out, a day will be added to the end of the school calendar to make up the time.