TULSA, Oklahoma - Storm damage from Wednesday night's storms includes a vacant garage apartment in mid-town Tulsa. The structure was crushed when a 40-foot tall tree uprooted and smashed it.

One of the homeowner's cars is crushed, and everything that was stored inside the garage is a mess after severe storms rolled through. The homeowners said they parked their car in the garage because of the potential for hail - and never expected their tree to uproot.

Next door neighbor Jerry McCaskill said the storm was so loud, he didn't even hear the tree crush the garage.

"The house started shaking, really vibrating, and I thought 'earthquake' at first and was like 'oh, no this is a tornado' because it was really loud and then it stopped and just blowing rain," he said.

The family said thankfully no one was hurt, and they do have insurance.