GRADY COUNTY, Oklahoma -  A Lindsay man is accused of putting a tracking device on his ex-girlfriend’s car. 

Michael Lee Hassler was arrested Tuesday for four felonies, including stalking in violation of a protection order, and intimidation of a witness. 

Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir says Hassler admitted to Deputy Sheriff Brittany Mayer that he put a tracking device on his ex-girlfriend’s vehicle. 

“He had been violent in the past and she had applied for a temporary VPO and been granted that,” Sheriff Weir said.

Hassler and his ex-girlfriend share a five-month-old daughter.  Authorities say Hassler has repeatedly ignored the restraining order against him.

Weir says Hassler showed up to confront his ex-girlfriend last Friday at a bar in in Oklahoma City.

“We were really concerned that you know he was exhibiting all the red flags of somebody that would actually harm her before she could get to the courthouse,” the sheriff said. 

Sheriff Weir says this is a textbook stalking case, that got dangerously close.

Court documents also show Hassler was arrested in February in Garvin County for domestic abuse, drug possession and possession of a firearm while on probation.

Prosecutors have also charged Hassler with three counts of using his ex-girlfriend's mother's credit card.  Hassler is facing 16 years in prison.