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Alongside a powerful graphics card and processor andreliable accessories to control your actions, for the perfect game, you also need an exceptional viewing portal into those virtual worlds. To help you find the right one for you, we’ve put together a list of the best gaming monitors you can purchase right now. They’re notcheap, but they also don’t rocket into four-figure price tags.

In this guide we look at key technologies and features like refresh rates, resolutions, brightness levels,gray-to-gray response times, and frame syncing technology, likeG-Sync and FreeSync.To help you decide which is most important for you, we’ve given each of our favorite displays it’s own category, highlighting what makes them so great among stiff competition.

At a glance

Best gaming monitorsCategoryOur rating
Asus ROG Swift PG279QBest gaming monitor overall4 out of 5
Acer Predator Xb1 Gaming XB271HKBest 4K gaming monitorIn progress
Acer Predator Z35Best ultrawide gaming monitor3 out of 5
Asus MG279QBest FreeSync gaming monitorIn progress
AOC G2770PQUBest budget gaming monitor4 out of 5

Asus ROG Swift PG279Q

The best

best gaming monitors

Why you should buy this: This display provides a great visual experience for GeForce gamers, especially after overclocking the refresh rate for a DisplayPort connection.

Who’s it for: PC gamers with a GeForce graphics chip and a budget capped at $900.

How much will it cost: $700

Why we picked the Asus ROG Swift PG279Q:

This Republic of Gamers-branded display from Asus provides a QHD resolution, and a refresh rate you can overclock to 165Hz. This combination can be viewed through a DisplayPort connection, while you’ll get a QHD resolution at 60Hz through an HDMI connection. This panel has one of the highest brightness levels in our batch and supports a four-millisecond response time to boot.

Other features packed into this display include a handful of ports, and built-in GamePlus components such as a timer, FPS counter, crosshairs, and more. GameVisual provides six presets that optimize the screen for different types of games and media, such as RTS/RPG, FPS, sRGB for photo/video edition, Cinema, and a few others. This panel is great for a multi-monitor layout too thanks to its super-narrow bezels.

Acer Predator XB1 Gaming

The best 4K gaming monitor

best gaming monitors

Why you should buy this: It’s a great 27-inch solution that supports UHD resolution at 60Hz, and Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology.

Who’s it for: PC gamers with a GeForce graphics chip and a budget capped at $800

How much will it cost: $700

Why we picked the Predator XB1 Gaming XB271HK:

This display serves up a UHD resolution in two flavors: with a 60Hz refresh rate through a DisplayPort connection, and a 24Hz refresh rate through an HDMI connection. Otherwise, the standard refresh rate is 60Hz, which presumably applies to every resolution from QHD and lower. These resolutions are backed by Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology that only works on Nvidia’s graphics chips, and a decent response time of four milliseconds.

Acer’s panel provides plenty of ports, including four full-size USB-A (Gen. 1) ports to help better manage all the cables running across your desktop space. It also includes Acer’s GameView technology, which adds on-screen crosshairs, adjustable dark boost levels, a timer, and more. Predator EyeProtect adds a second feature layer with flicker-free backlighting, a blue light filter, low-dimming technologies, and other eye-strain-reducing technologies for long gaming sessions.

Acer Predator Z35

The best ultrawide gaming monitor

best gaming monitors

Why you should buy this: The Predator Z35 provides an awesome ultrawide experience for GeForce gamers wanting a 35-inch panel, a high resolution, and an overclocked refresh rate.

Target audience: PC gamers with a GeForce card wanting an ultrawide experience without the four-digit price.

How much will it cost: $735

Why we picked the Acer Predator Z35:

The Predator Z35 is a huge, curved monitor for the price, and it shoves in Nvidia’s G-SYNC technology to boot. The resolution is a weird 2,560 x 1,080, technically making it an ultra-wide Full HD-class device. But that’s okay: there’s plenty to love at that size and resolution, and given that you can overclock the refresh rate to 200Hz via a DisplayPort connection, you get a lot of bang for the big bucks. But hey, if you’re willing to dish out another $200, an ultra-wide QHD version has your name on it here.

Outside the sheer size, curvature, and resolution, this panel is packed with game-centric features. There are five USB-A (Gen. 1) ports for starters along with a high contrast ratio, a four-millisecond response time, and support for 16.7 million colors. The two nine-watt speakers are backed by DTS Sound and Acer TrueHarmony technology to complement the high-definition graphics. Other goodies include on-screen crosshairs, dark boost level adjustment, precise color adjustments, and more.

Asus MG279Q

The best FreeSync gaming monitor

best gaming monitors asus mg279q

Why you should buy this: The MG279Q is a great, affordable solution for Radeon gamers, packing a QHD resolution at 144Hz if its connected via DisplayPort.

Target audience: AMD Radeon card owners with a budget capped at $600.

How much will it cost: $500

Why we picked the Asus MG279Q:

Here’s the only display in our batch that supports AMD’s FreeSync technology, which will adjust the refresh rate to the output of a supporting AMD Radeon graphics chip. The Asus panel is capable of supporting a QHD resolution at a 144Hz refresh rate through a DisplayPort connection, and a Full HD resolution at a 120Hz refresh rate via an HDMI connection.

Asus says this panel is eSports-ready due to its highly adjustable design. It also includes exclusive technologies to improve the viewing experience, such as a blue light filter, and flicker-free backlighting. It even provides a five-way navigation joystick to surf through the display’s settings, and access special features like on-screen crosshairs, a timer, an FPS counter, and more.

Asus VG245H

The best budget gaming monitor

best gaming monitors asusvg245h

Why you should buy this: It’s a great 27-inch monitor for less than $300 with a fast response time and plenty of connectivity options.

Target audience: Any gamer who can’t afford to sink more than $300 on an external monitor.

How much will it cost: $295

Why we picked the Asus VG245H:

When it comes to gaming displays, we’d argue that a high-refresh rate is one of the best ways to improve how you game looks and feels. With less blurring, more accurate visuals, and faster input response, it can have a big effect on your game, which is why this 1080p 144Hz display from Asus is a fantastic entry-level gaming monitor.

At 27-inches diagonally, it’s of a size that’s truly immersive for modern gaming and if you have an AMD graphics card, you can take advantage of its FreeSync support for reducing screen tearing. While it is only 1080p resolution, that’s perfect for a budget build as it won’t stress your graphics card too much, but still looks good. With all of Asus’ coloring and display mode technologies, you can give your games a contrast and clarity boost too.

Best of all, it’s very affordable. If you’d like to save a little more, there’s also a 24-inch option that cuts the price to around $260.

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