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tesla model s

Tesla is updating its software once again, and Model 3 owners should be particularly pleased with these latest developments. With update 2018.24, Model 3 cars are now capable of accessing the Autopilot Summon feature, as well as cabin overheat protection and Wi-Fi. Drivers can also limit the speed of their vehicles via the new mobile app update, setting a top speed of anywhere between 50 and 90 miles per hour.

While Summon is likely old news for those with the Tesla Model S or Model X, this is the first time that Model 3 owners will be privy to this functionality. As the name suggests, it allows owners to move a Tesla both in and out of a parking space remotely, using either the mobile app or the key. It’s high time that Summon made its way to Model 3 vehicles — after all, the cars have long been equipped with the requisite Autopilot sensor suite that makes Summon possible.

Along with Summon, the update also provides Model 3 vehicles with Wi-Fi access, which ought to make downloading upcoming software updates much easier.While Model 3s already had internet access, it was exclusively via Tesla’s LTE service.

As Tesla noted in its release notes: “With this release, Model 3 now connects to available Wi-Fi networks. Tap the LTE icon at the top of the touchscreen and select the network you want to join.”

As for the Cabin Overheat Protection feature, the self-explanatory function will prevent Model 3 vehicles from getting too hot. In Tesla’s words,“When active, your vehicle prevents the interior temperature from exceeding 105F/40C for up to 12 hours after you exit your vehicle.”

While this feature is enabled by default, if for some reason you don’t want to save the interior of your car from the blazing hot summer sun, you can turn it off by going to Controls, then Safety & Security.

Tesla software updates generally roll out slowly across its fleet, so if your Model 3 hasn’t been updated yet, don’t panic. It will be soon. Unfortunately, if you don’t have your Model 3 yet and are still awaiting delivery, we’re not quite as confident on that timeline (though it seems that slow but steady progress is being made).

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