McCLAIN COUNTY, Oklahoma - Joshua Finkbeiner and Stacy Harjo are now locked-up in the McClain County Jail, after the couple was tracked north of Little Rock, Arkansas in early May. They, along with another suspect named Daniel Vasquez, are accused of murdering 23-year-old Shaliyah Toombs and her unborn child.

Toombs was seven months pregnant with a baby boy.

“When it involves a young female that has a life inside her, it does make it a more toughing, or senseless, ya know, why?” asked McClain County Detective David Tompkins.

Toombs’ body was found inside a pick-up truck that was parked on the side Interstate 35.

Investigators say on May 2, Daniel Vasquez ran out of gas, and walked to a Love’s Truck Stop two miles up the road from exit 104. When he got there, he found a police officer and confessed.

“Daniel went to a Lighthorse officer and told that his vehicle was out of gas and that there was a dead body in the truck,” said Tompkins.

Deputies say that’s when they started their investigation.

Toombs’ mother had previously filed a missing person’s report out of Oklahoma City.

Court documents report Toombs was choked to death, and it did not take long before a motive developed.

Records state Harjo and Finkbeiner were"…looking for a backpack that they believed Toombs stole."

Deputies say the backpack possibly contained a hard drive that held valuable oilfield documents that belonged to Finkbeiner’s employer.

Vasquez reportedly told investigators he and the other two suspects drove the victim from OKC to Cleveland County, and that Toombs was threatened repeatedly.

Investigators say Toombs was choked by both Vasquez and Finkbeiner in the truck.

Vasquez says he was told to get rid of Toombs’ body while the other two suspects took off, according to deputies.

“Prayers to the family. It's a hard time. It's gonna be a hard road once we start going to the trial. The motions, there will probably be several motions filled,” said Tompkins.

All suspects in the case are being held without bond.

Here’s what Toombs’ mother had to say about the extradition process:

“We are just glad that they have been brought back to Oklahoma and now the process can begin for getting justice for Shaliyah. We appreciate all the love and support from friends and family and continue to keep the family in your prayers,” Twyla Taylor.

It took a governor’s warrant to get the couple back to Oklahoma, as they refused the first attempt at extradition.

Here’s a list of the suspects and their current charges:  

  • Daniel Vasquez: Two Counts of Murder in the First Degree, Conspiracy, Unlawful Removal or a Dead Body, Pattern of Criminal Offenses
  • Stacy Harjo: Two Counts of Murder in the First Degree, Two Count of Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Possession of a Firearm after a Former Felony Conviction, Pattern of Criminal Offenses
  • Joshua Finkbeiner: Two Counts of Murder in the First Degree, Two Count of Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Pattern of Criminal Offenses