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Love it or hate it, selfies are now a fact of life. The iconic self-portraiture has been blowing up every newsfeed from here to Helsinki, even before Merriam-Webster officially inducted the term into the English dictionary. However, although there are a vast array of selfie styles and types — from the iconic to the incriminating — all of them would likely benefit from some tweaking.

Thankfully, the right app can do small wonders for your selfie-steem, allowing you to remove unwanted blemishes and adjust skin tones directly on your device. We can’t guarantee your newly-minted photos will garner as much acclaim as anything doneby the Kardashians, but at least you’ll be on your way to social media stardom.

facetune selfie app

The aptly titled Facetune gives you the means to quickly retouch your self-portraits, letting you whiten your teeth, remove red-eye, color unsightly gray hairs, and refine your jawline in addition to a plethora of other tasks. The app can also blur the background to place you in focus, and if you happened to just roll out of bed, you can use it to apply eyeshadow, lipstick, and other makeup. Want even more editing tools? Check out FaceTune’s it’s sibling app, Enlight, which offers face-beautifying adjustments along with Photoshop-like editing.

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Retrica selfie app

If you thought Instagram had the filter market on lockdown, think again. Retrica features more than 100 different real-time filters — ranging from retro offerings to those designed to saturate your selfie with a warm, neon glow all of which you can outfit with an arrayof classic vignettes. The collage feature and the built-in timer grant you even more options for capturing the perfect set of poses, even if you can’t edit them directly within the app.

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camera plus app

Although Camera+ wasn’t specifically designed for capturing selfies, it remains one of thepremiere camera apps for iOS. The software gives you a wider range of exposure controls and a slew of advanced settings, such as those for applying a continuous flash, six-times digital zoom, and a timer function. Moreover, there’s enough variation between the preset filters, borders, and scenes modes to appease even the most fickle of high-school teenagers.

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Photo Editor by Aviary

Photo Editor by Aviary basically falls between Camera+ and Facetune. It offers a host of solid aftereffects for tweaking your selfies within a streamlined interface, letting you stylize your photos with an abundance of purchasable filters and content. Best of all, it conveniently houses tools for whitening your teeth and eliminating unwanted blemishes, along with options for adding captions and turning your vain-ish selfies into memes. Functions without issue on newer mobile operating systems, so don’t hesitate to take it for a spin. Especially considering it’s free.

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You might not think of Snapchat as a selfie app, but when it comes down to it, what else is it? Sure, it has a built-in social network based on ephemeral photos, videos, and messages, but the truth of the matter is, it has one of the best selfie cameras of any app. From the stickers and animations to the filters and front-facing flash, Snapchat has it all. And the best part is, it’s free and multi-platform. To save a selfie rather than share it with the world, simply download it to your camera roll before you publish it and you’re good to share it wherever your heart desires.

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Similar to Snapchat, Instagram also offers a collection of features and tools that make for the perfect selfie camera. Very much inspired by Snapchat’s Story feature, Instagram’s Story mode offers filters, stickers, tags, and overlays. You can even draw and add text to images, making it a solid suite to capture and share whatever kind of selfie you’re in the mood for. Just snap the photo you want in your Instagram Story, add the desired effects, and save the image to your phone without posting for the world to see. Voila! You have another simple solution to cross-platform selfie-snapping.

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best selfie apps acolorstory

If you need to enhance the color of your selfie, A Color Story is the app for you. With more than 100 filters and 40 different effects — some premium — you’re bound to find the right tool for the job. There are 20 free tools in all, and you can customize and save your own filter for later use. Best of all, you can batch edit selfies in batches, meaning you can spend less time editing and more time posting for all the world to see.

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YouCam Perfect

best selfie apps youcam perfect app 720x720

YouCam Perfect was built with the selfie in mind, whether talking the beautification tools or tips. The app’s basic functionality allows you to eradicate wrinkles, dry skin, and other imperfections within seconds, while the software’s more aggressive options let you re-shape various aspects of your body such as your nose, eyes, and even your relative body proportions. It’s the visual equivalent to plastic surgery, sans the cost.

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Perfect365 app

What separates Perfect365 from similar apps in our roundup isn’t the toolset, but its native ability to adjust the intensity of each effect using a slider. Further, it’s lined with a melange of celebrity-inspired templates and more than 20 makeup tools aimed at beautifying your selfie, regardless if you’re set on trying a new pair of lashes or adjusting your skin tone. Again, it’s the intensity slider that keeps you from looking overly airbrushed.

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VSCO Cam app

VSCO is a standout for many reasons, butnone more so than its collection of post-shot adjustments. Designed with a sleek, attractive interface, the app excels when it comes to applying brightness, contrast, warmth, and sharpness tweaks on the fly. Additionally, it touts a diverse assortment of filters designed to enhance your photos rather than make them appear as though they were shot using a vintage Holga from the ’80s.

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BestMe Selfie Camera

best selfie apps bestmeselfie

Looking for more Snapchat-like filters, but sick of giving yourself dog ears? BestMe Selfie Camera features 125 real-time filters, allowing you to turn your selfie into a koala or crown yourself with flowers, among other things. You can also create a photo album with the collage templates, or even add emoji stickers to your favorite photos.

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Selfie Editor

Much like the aforementioned Facetune, Selfie Editor offers a slew of features that let you quickly make adjustments to your self-portraits. From skin smoothing — known in the photography world as “airbrushing” — to fully fledged liquidation tools for shrinking and enlarging features, the apphas a lot to offer. The simple editor also hops on the filter bandwagon, allowing you to outfit your selfies with a range of different hues and tonesafter your initial edits.

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PIP Camera

PIP Camera Thumb

The PIP Camera appincludes several templates to help you crop your latest selfie.The various frames utilize the pic-in-pic format, allowing you to emblazon your face inside a variety of objects, includinga bubble, a Polaroid, and aglass bottle. The latter istheliteral, digital equivalent of a message in a bottle. Take your selfie to the next level bygoing full Droste effect andmess with your friends’ minds.

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