TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman is back in the Tulsa County jail after a chance encounter with a police officer.

Tracie Cates, 40, was arrested on a warrant for DUI drugs.

According to court records, the warrant for Cates was issued over 2 years ago after prosecutors say she violated her terms with the county's drug court.

Cates' arrest report states, police were at the Desert Hills Motel in the 5500 block of East 11th Street trying to track down information about a stolen car.

 During their search, police came across Cates, who police said gave them a different last name.

Police say Cates then walked to the Admiral and Yale QuikTrip store with her dog in the freezing cold to meet someone.


Officers caught back up with her after learning Cates had a $250,000 arrest warrant under the name Tracie Cates, not the name she gave them at the motel.

As for her dog, police gave it to her friend who had met her there at the QuikTrip.