HOUSTON, Texas - A former Checotah Police officer nearly killed in a car crash on Thanksgiving is getting better. Steve Kirby was on life support, in a coma, and unresponsive.

Police say a man who ran a stop sign hit Kirby and that driver was killed.

Every day is a gift.

That's what his wife Kacy will tell you. And each day Steve is getting stronger, with his eyes open and following commands.

"When he looked at me he just kinda had a look on his face and in his eyes and he was really looking at me. It was almost like I could tell what he was thinking, you're gonna make me cry," said Kacy Kirby.

It's been an emotional journey for Kacy who hasn't left her husband's side since the day of the crash. The last update was this kiss seen all across green country.

"That was just the best moment. I just thought, he knows it's me and he knows I'm here and he's kissing me back," said Kacy.

The Kirby's spent Christmas as a family at a Muskogee medical facility. Their son Kyler even opened his gifts in the room. Since then Steve was moved to Houston.

"He's never flown before and he never really wanted to fly so he wasn't the happiest person about to board the plane. I'm not sure if he was afraid and I hope he remembers because we're going to be asking about it in the future," said Kacy.

Steve is now getting care at TIRR Memorial Hermann, a facility that specializes in brain injuries.

"It's all moving very quickly and he's doing very well. They're very impressed with his progress,” said Kacy.

Each day Steve gets an hour of speech therapy, occupational therapy, vision testing, casting and 90 minutes of physical therapy.

"Today he even followed a few more commands, he's snapped his fingers, he can hold up the number one sign, he's given thumbs up and he's fist bumped a few of the therapists," said Kacy.

It's still unclear what's next for Steve. He has about 4 more weeks at that facility and will need to continue to improve for his insurance to pay for his care there.

There is a fundraiser for the Kirby's this Saturday in Checotah - you can find the details Here