Norman Stabbing Victim Says Suspect 'Terrorized' Her Family

Monday, April 30th 2018, 6:13 pm

The victim of a Norman stabbing and arson case says the suspect has been harassing her family for a while.

The neighbor, who doesn’t wish to be identified by her name, says painful stab wounds were worth it if it means she’ll never have to see Eddie Don Milligan again.

“This guy has been terrorizing us for a little over a month,” the female neighbor said.

The neighbor reports Milligan has groped her without permission, slashed her tires, attempted to break into her home, and repeatedly drives drunk through the streets.

Milligan has a lengthy police record, including a DUI charge.

The woman says she's called police numerous times, but Sunday afternoon was the last time.

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After police left Wren Street, the neighbor says she found her car on fire, just outside the house where her daughter was sleeping.

That's when she hit her breaking point and grabbed a log, and then smashed the windows of Milligan’s car to get his attention.

Things got physical and Milligan allegedly stabbed his neighbor. She wasn’t shocked.

“Actually, I expected it to get to this point before anything was done,” the woman said.

The woman says she's called Norman police about the suspect many times before, but there wasn't much they could do without proof.

She certainly doesn't advise other people to do the same, approaching a dangerous man.

“I definitely don't want anybody to take away, ‘OK well, we’ve got to handle this ourselves because Norman Police won't do it.’ No. Norman police will do what they can,” she said.

However, the woman admits a few cuts are a relief if it means Milligan is behind bars.

“That sociopath would still be there had I not gotten stabbed,” the woman said.

Milligan is facing felony charges.

The woman says she expects to be charged as well for damaging Milligan’s cars.

Her stab wounds are slowly healing, and she’s expected to be OK.