Concho Teacher's Aide Fired Over Facebook Post

Friday, September 27th 2013, 9:40 am
By: News 9

A Concho teacher's aide was fired over a tirade on Facebook. The woman posted an angry message to her personal Facebook about the kids she worked with.

The school perceived the rant as a threat to its students, which is why the teacher's aide was fired, but parents in the area have mixed feelings about whether the punishment was appropriate or overboard.

The teacher's aide's post reads: "OMFG these kids 2day I jst wanted 2pop some of them or have some kid make them cry for me. Damn they worked my last nerve 2day."

A spokeswoman for the school told us, "although we have not received any complaint or report of abuse pertaining to this teacher's aide, we have zero tolerance for any threat against our children and immediately terminated the employee."

Some of the parents we asked agree. Others aren't sold that firing her makes sense.

The spokeswoman for the school says they are working to develop a social media policy for employees, but because they perceived the post as a threat to the children, they took action to fire the teacher's aide.