Wanted Wagoner County Man Found In Elaborate Crawl Space

Friday, August 24th 2018, 11:04 pm
By: Justin Shrair

A man wanted on felony warrants in two counties was arrested Wednesday after authorities say a Wagoner County K-9 found him hidden in a crawl space under a bedroom in his home.

Kerry R. Lane was arrested on theft and drug complaints, according to a release from the Wagoner County Sheriff's Office.

Sheriff Chris Elliott considers Lane a "Major Player" and he says this suspect not only had a complex hiding spot, but he also had a sophisticated surveillance system. Sheriff Elliot believes without their K-9 this suspect would've gotten away.

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"The K-9 went into the bedroom of the residence and started alerting that he thought that there was a human inside of the entertainment center inside the bedroom," said Elliot. 

Deputies pulled Lane out of a hiding spot beneath the floor of his home along with a treasure trove of possibly stolen property, drugs, and an elaborate hiding place.

"He went as far to have lights down there he had blankets he had pillows and he had even piped air conditioning down into this little hole," said Elliot.

Sheriff Elliott says Lane pulled an entertainment center on top of the crawl space and also had a sophisticated surveillance system that he could watch from his smartphone.

"We recovered a Conex container that was full of stolen property," said Elliot

Sheriff Elliott also says hundreds of possibly stolen items, along with drugs were found inside the home as well as evidence of credit card theft, equipment related to counterfeiting vehicle VIN tags and credit cards.

"A lot of satisfaction for me and my Deputies is we can call these people and say we've found your stuff and we're ready to give it back to you," said Elliot. 

Lane is facing possible stolen property charges and drug charges. He's being held without bond.