Police Investigating Allegations Of Misconduct At Broken Arrow Schools

Friday, May 18th 2018, 4:20 pm

Broken Arrow Police say they're investigating complaints about a now former employee of the school district.

Details are hard to come by because the former teacher has not been arrested - it's uncertain if there will be an arrest - and the school is limited by what they can say about an employee who quit this week.

Broken Arrow Police have visited Aspen Creek Elementary to investigate the actions of a teacher who worked at the school until this week. The police say they need more time to investigate and the district says what they can say is limited by privacy laws.

"All I can tell you is that we had a teacher at Aspen Creek resign Tuesday," said Charlie Hannema with Broken Arrow Public Schools.

Hannema said the school district could not comment on anything specific about what the police were doing, or about the employee, except to say the teacher who resigned had been with the district since 2002 and resigned during the school day Tuesday.

"We're confident that students are safe now. There's not any risk to any students in our buildings, and we'll continue to work to make sure everything is going the best we can,” Hannema said.

Broken Arrow Police say their detectives are investigating “allegations of misconduct” involving the former employee of Broken Arrow Public Schools. Their statement said detectives are conducting interviews to determine the facts of the case and if a crime occurred.

The district said their procedures are to turn over any suspicions of a crime to either DHS or police.

"Anytime we get complaints, in general, we investigate those immediately and act swiftly on those," Hannema said.

The police said they expect to have more information on the case next week.