Tulsa Woman Uses 'Find My Phone" App To Recover Stolen Iphone

Thursday, May 17th 2018, 11:12 pm
By: Amy Avery

A Tulsa woman credits an app on her phone for helping her get it back after it was stolen. Ronnie Wilkins says having "Find My iPhone" on helped lead police right to the thief's home.

But she says she isn't going to press charges against the people who stole her phone because she's just happy to have it back and she tells me she's thankful for apps like Find My iPhone that helped her track it down.

"I was just in a panic. I was thinking it's moving and I can't chase it because I don't have a phone to chase it with," said Wilkins. She was shopping at Aldi earlier this week when she says she couldn't find her phone.

"I loaded my groceries and came out and was like where's my phone and I thought oh my gosh I bet I left it in the cart"

Wilkins went back inside to see if she left it in the store then decided to call her son to look it up on the "Find My iPhone" app.

"He looked it up and said it's kind of near Aldi, but wait it's moving and I was like oh my gosh."

Wilkins then went home to get her son's phone to follow along with it.

"About halfway to Bixby which is where it said it was I thought hmm probably not safe to walk up to someone and say hey you've got my phone.” That’s when Wilkins called the police.

"You're confronting someone. You're accusing them of something possibly. People get defensive," said Eric Dale of Bixby Police. Officer Dale went up to the home where the app said the phone was and told Wilkins to wait in the car.

"I signaled her once the door was open so I could hear within the house I could hear the phone beeping"

"The guy got it out of the truck and gave it back to me and profusely apologized," said Wilkins

She also says she is thankful that Officer Dale took the time to help her get her phone back.

"I'm not sure that every police officer has the time or would take the time to do that but it was a huge deal."