Man Killed In Owasso Officer-Involved Shooting 16-Year Veteran

Friday, March 23rd 2018, 9:39 pm

As the OSBI continues its investigation into a deadly officer-involved shooting in Owasso Wednesday night, the fiancée of the man killed is speaking out.

Stephanie Perdew recounted what started out as a normal day and turned into one that changed her life forever. 

"I think that maybe he went out there crying for help. I don't think he thought it was going to be over," said Perdew.  

Police were called to Stephanie and Duane Preciado's house Wednesday night. Stephanie said Duane had been drinking and was depressed and called his best friend for help. 

"His wife called to have a wellness check done. Duane didn't know the cops were coming. Of course, when you have PTSD it can be triggered at all times, when there's a big knock at the door," Perdew said.  

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News On 6 interviewed Duane last month about gun safety. He was actually teaching Stephanie how to shoot.

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Duane served in the Air Force for 16 years, completing three tours overseas. Stephanie said those tours changed him. 

"Nightmares all the time, fighting in his sleep," she said.  

But she never imagined something like this could happen, especially on Wednesday which she described as a great evening. Duane called her at work telling her to rush home because he made dinner. 

"He's made me pork, he's made me chicken, he's made me salmon. We were even listening to music, even danced a little. I told him I needed to go to the gym for 30 minutes and I'll be back. He said I love you, I love you and I left," Perdew said.  

Those 30 minutes changed everything. While Stephanie was gone, police say Duane confronted them during the wellness check, armed with an AK-47 and a handgun. When he refused to put the weapons down, they shot him. He later died at the hospital.  

"How does somebody serve their country and then get killed by two officers? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me," Perdew said.  

Stephanie said she wants this terrible situation to serve as a wake-up call for more to be done to help veterans who suffer from PTSD. 

Meanwhile, the OSBI is investigating the shooting and the two police officers involved are on standard leave at this time. 

Duane's funeral will be held Monday.