Glenpool Student Recovers After Beating Over Gun-Violence Walkout

Tuesday, March 20th 2018, 6:03 pm
By: News On 6

A Glenpool student is out of the hospital after a beating at his school that was so severe, he had to have surgery.

The student said it took more than three minutes for another student to finally intervene, but the damage was already done.

Video shows 16-year-old Chandler getting beat up by a 17-year-old student at school.

The reason? A post to Snapchat saying, “You won’t catch me outside doing the walkout but at 10:00 I’ll watch all the clowns head to the sports arena for the circus.”

The post was made just before the Walkout to End Gun Violence last Wednesday, but Chandler said it wasn't targeting the kids actually protesting.

"The people doing it to skip class, those people, they're the clowns," he said.

Chandler said after he made the post, the 17-year-old student got angry and sent him messages about it, but, he said it wasn't until lunch things got serious.

"I sat down after I got my food and he comes up and he squeezes right here, and I stand up because he's squeezing me and then he's like, ‘I'll beat your f***ing a**,’" Chandler said. "After lunch, the bell rang and I'm walking, exiting the cafeteria, like, right when I'm exiting the cafeteria to go to my other class he's tugging on my bag."

Chandler said he tried to get away but couldn't.

"I just couldn't spit anything out, I was shocked," he said. "He slams me, he punches me, he slams me again, and that's when people say they heard it pop."

Chandler's collarbone is broken in five places, he has a chipped tooth, a cut by his nose, road rash, a bump on the back of his head as well as other bruises and cuts.

The whole thing lasted around three minutes.

The school calls it a fight, but Chandler disagrees.

“This was a tug from the back and then an assault," he said. "Protesting school violence for 17 minutes and then an hour and thirty minutes later I come out with five pieces of my collarbone."

The student accused of the assault bonded out of jail after his arrest.

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Chandler's mother is filing for a protective order.

The family said they don't know if or when that student will return to school.

Glenpool Schools sent a statement after the assault saying "law enforcement and authorities have been made aware of the incident and are investigating. Glenpool Public Schools will fully investigate the incident and take any necessary action allowed under its policies."

A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help with Chandler's recover. You can find more here.