Bomb Threat At Tulsa School, Nearby Gunfire Not Connected, Police Say

Monday, March 5th 2018, 4:41 pm

Tulsa Police are investigating a shooting that happened across the street from Hale High School, where authorities are also looking into a bomb threat.

Police said they found three shell casings and are talking to witnesses.

They said, at this point, it's a coincidence that the shooting happened while police were also investigating the bomb threat at Nathan Hale High School.

Officers said school cameras caught the shooting on surveillance video.

They said three suspects walked up to a car and one of them shot at the victim, hitting him in the stomach and leg.

The suspects ran down the road and the victim showed up at St. Francis Hospital, police said.

Police said the victim was conscious and talking.

They'll continue to talk with witnesses and see if there are other security cameras in the area.

Last Wednesday, Hale High School was also evacuated for another threat.

The district released a statement Monday saying:

"This afternoon, we received a report of a potential threat inside of Hale High School. School leaders and team members acted swiftly to notify Campus Police and the Tulsa Police Department and evacuate all students from the building. Tulsa Police and Campus Police did a full sweep of the school and determined that there was no credible threat and students were able to return to the building. We are grateful to the Hale team for their immediate action to ensure the safety of our students.

"Our protocol for threats at schools is to put any schools in the vicinity on lockdown, so Hale Junior High School and MacArthur Elementary School were both put on modified lockdown.

"As students were returning to Hale High School, several reported what was described as gunshots from an apartment complex across the street from the school. Based on the information available to us, we believe that this incident was unrelated to the potential threat at Hale High School. The Tulsa Police Department is leading that investigation."