Daughter Of Former Tulsa Police Officer Testifies In Fourth Murder Trial

Tuesday, October 17th 2017, 3:52 pm
By: News On 6

The daughter of former Tulsa Police Officer Shannon Kepler’s daughter took the stand Tuesday in her father’s fourth murder trial.

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Lisa Kepler testified that on the day of the shooting, she and Jeremey Lake went to a bridge near the home they were staying to pass out water bottles to the homeless.

Lisa said when she and Lake walked back to the home, she noticed a Suburban parked out front. She said her dad was driving, and when he started asking her questions she walked away. Lisa said that’s when she heard shots, turned around and saw Lake hit the ground.

She said she never saw Lake with a gun that day or in the weeks leading up to the shooting.

A friend of Lake’s, Josh Mills, also testified Tuesday. Mills said he had only been at the house Lake was staying at for a couple of days before the shooting.

He said Lake died in his arms, but also said he had trouble recalling some events, like how he and Lake met or what month or day of the week the shooting happened.

Mills admitted to using drugs and alcohol in the past and said he is currently in a psychiatric center because he had a mental break down.

Attorneys also played the 911 calls from the night Shannon Kepler shot and killed Jeremy Lake and it appeared Kepler got very emotional and had to be consoled by his attorneys.

As testimony continued Tuesday, Jeremey Lake’s brother, who was 13 at the time of the shooting, also took the stand.

He said he saw a black SUV pull up to his brother and Lisa Kepler and that his brother argued with the driver.

He said he saw his brother reach out to shake hands with the driver and that’s when the suspect got out of the SUV and shot him.

The defense argued that the media has influenced the teenager’s testimony, saying seeing images of Kepler on the news influenced him to blame the murder on Kepler.

The prosecution argued that the pictures of Kepler helped the teenager identify the suspect he saw pull the trigger. They said the pictures did not change who the suspect was.

The prosecution rested Tuesday evening. The defense plans to call Shannon Kepler to the stand Wednesday morning.