Attorney: Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby Resigns

Friday, July 14th 2017, 11:18 am

Tulsa Police Officer Betty Shelby is turning in her badge.

She announced her resignation Friday, less than two months, after going back to work following her acquittal of manslaughter in the shooting death of Terrence Crutcher.

In the letter, Shelby said sitting behind a desk, isolated from other officers and Tulsans, isn't for her.

Her attorney told News On 6 she sat in a tiny cubicle with no windows, doing nothing but pushing paper, adding that Shelby was made to be a beat cop.

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"You're crying about the fact that you have a cubicle without windows; Terence Crutcher has a gravesite,” said We the People Oklahoma Founder Marq Lewis.

Lewis said he thinks part of the community is "breathing a sigh of relief" but added leaving Tulsa's force isn't enough.

"She should be in a jail cell,” he stated.

Shelby joined the force in 2011 and isn't saying what she'll do next. Lewis said he expects she'll stay in law enforcement.

"I think this problem is just going to go to another community,” said Lewis. 

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The decision to resign from TPD, Shelby said, comes with a heavy heart.

She calls his death a "tragedy" for everyone involved, adding that she's sorry he lost his life.

In the letter, Shelby also said she prays for healing for Crutcher's family and will continue to pray for the unity and safety of the Tulsa community.

The Tulsa Police Department would not comment on her decision, but the Tulsa Fraternal Order of Police said it supports Shelby and thanks her for her service.