Votes Pour In Despite Negative Reaction To Tulsa Flag Designs

Wednesday, May 3rd 2017, 11:13 pm
By: News On 6

Many people are not happy about the final three designs being considered for Tulsa’s new city flag, but the group in charge is still asking for your input.

The comments online continue to pour in - most are not so kind, but, whether you like them or not, you might want to vote because one of the three could be the next City of Tulsa flag.

It’s not the response Tulsa Flag co-founder Joey Wignarajah was hoping for the night before the final three designs were released to the public.

"A little nervous. You're always worried about how they are going to be received," he said.

While some people quickly got on board, others didn’t like what they saw.

The group posted a video to Facebook to help people understand the meaning behind each design.

The colors and bars all symbolize important parts of Tulsa's history while being good principals of flag design.

Wignarajah said, "Keeping it simple - no words, a 5-year-old should be able to draw it from memory, no more than two to three colors."

But not everyone thinks it's an improvement from the current flag.

"There are people that think our flag now is fine, but when was the last time you saw it flying anywhere,"  Wignarajah asked.

There aren’t many places that fly the current flag, including Tulsa’s City Hall.

The group of seven behind the push for a new flag started with 400 designs and got it down to 25.

Brand experts, fashion experts, and art historians spent four hours in a room to select the top three - and while those picked aren't sitting well with everyone, Wignarajah said thousands have voted.

"Yeah, you're seeing negative comments on Facebook, but what they're not seeing is, now, the over 7,000 people who have voted to say that they do like one of the three designs," he said.

The group is not releasing any of the rejected designs, saying they don't want people to get confused on what you can vote for.

You have until May 10th to vote for one of the three flags, after that the city council will have to approve it, and the mayor signs off on it.