DAPL Protesters Hold Rally In Downtown Tulsa

Saturday, January 28th 2017, 8:40 pm

Protesters continue to camp in North Dakota, near the site of the contentious pipeline project that President Trump is pushing to finish.

The order to speed up both the Dakota Access and Keystone XL Pipelines is drawing both praise and controversy.

In downtown Tulsa, a rally against the pipeline was held Saturday afternoon.

Between 150 and 200 people were at the rally for about two hours at John Hope Franklin Reconciliation Park protesting.

Organizers said the rally is in direct response to this week's Memorandum signed by President  Trump that expedites the Dakota Access project, nicknamed DAPL.

Those in favor, including the President and Senator Jim Inhofe, argue DAPL will create jobs and help energy independence.

Many News On 6 spoke to are discouraged by the President’s action, but encouraged by the turnout.

One of those people was Kendra Clements, one of nine speakers.

"I feel fantastic and just completely elevated by the crowd out here today,” said Clements. “I had no expectations, and however, when I pulled up it exceeded whatever expectation I may have secretly had. This is a great group."

Protestors also met at City Hall for a "Resist Trump" rally before marching down to Reconciliation Park. They said they wanted to stand in solidarity with protestors rallying against the DAPL.