Investigation Begins In Tulsa Home Explosion, Fire

Tuesday, September 13th 2016, 7:16 am

Oklahoma Natural Gas employees and Tulsa Fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of an explosion and fire that destroyed a Tulsa home Monday night.

The incident happened at 9 p.m. in the 8300 block of South Vandalia.

Fire Captain Stan May says the homeowner made it out with just a minor burn.  He says a firefighter also suffered a minor leg injury.

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Neighbors who witnessed the fire say it was a terrifying sight.

"My dog and I walk this route every day," said Georgia Snoke.

The house Georgia Snoke walks by every day is now destroyed.  A video from a viewer shows flames so high, some could see it for miles.

Neighbors say they heard a blast and saw the garage door fly several feet from the house.

"He had replaced his garage recently and I was complimenting him on that," said Georgia Snoke.

"My first reaction was like 'wow, this is like a movie.' I mean, it was that kind of special effects. Everything blew up and the garage door flew across," said Brady Osborne.

The smoke continued to rise Tuesday morning from the explosion and resulting fire.  In the rubble that once was the garage, there is a vehicle buried.

Georgia Snoke says the fire has her and other neighbors worried.

"All of us are frightened because we don't know what caused this and being in the neighborhood, are our homes safe?" said Georgia Snoke.

Neighbors were surprised and thankful no one was seriously injured. Adding they were surprised but thankful for that news.

"The important thing is he was not injured and I don't know how that is possible," said Georgia Snoke.

The cause remains under investigation.