Former Sapulpa Principal Sheds Light On District Problems

Friday, June 17th 2016, 7:30 pm
By: News On 6

A Sapulpa principal's letter of resignation says the superintendent is the reason he is leaving.

Former Holmes Park Elementary principal, Bobby Alfred's letter claims Superintendent Kevin Burr is racist and insensitive.

The former principal said he's not a disgruntled former employee, he just wants the board of education and parents to know there are racial and leadership problems within the district.

Alfred said he will always be a proud Holmes Park Elementary Huskie. But, while he’s full of pride, he’s also worried and concerned about the current Sapulpa superintendent.

"I saw immediate intimidation, retaliation," Alfred said.

He has seen many fellow educators leave the district and said he's felt the lack of support first-hand, during one of their first meetings.

"He says we won't be using any of the gyms for free or renting him out, and he says ‘Mr. Alfred, you and your brothers won't be able to play on Sundays,’" Alfred said. “That coming from your leadership, you should be more sensitive about minorities and phrases and things that are said."

Alfred said it was even worse for one of his colleagues who made claims of harassment against his superior.

Even parent Amy Whiteis heard about that case.

“The superior is the one who would put bananas on his desk, calling him a monkey, among other words, calling him the n-word," she said.

Alfred said the superior left his position, and he remembers Burr's exit letter for the man.

"He's done a great job, he's done this and we appreciate all the time and effort he has given. I just don't feel like that is the type of letter that you would give to someone who has shown racism to one of his employees," Alfred said.

Burr said he praised Alfred for his years of service, but would not comment on the allegations.

Alfred's letter was published on the front page of the local paper. The former principal said he didn't write it because of racial issues, but overall lack of leadership.

Alfred's Letter Of Resignation: