Eight-Year-Old Boy On Mission To Conquer Tulsa's Cry Baby Hill

Thursday, June 9th 2016, 10:26 pm
By: News On 6

An 8 year old is taking on Cry Baby Hill this weekend. The boy says he’s living out a dream he's had for as long as he can remember.

It will be Evan Coles’ second Tulsa Tough, but he has stepped it up a notch this year thanks to help from his mentors on Team Soundpony.

"Well I started riding when I was two," he said. “I just really liked it, and I just felt like I could do this, so I did it, and then I got really good at it.”

And good he is, ranking in the top of his category at races across the region.

Sunday, he will be the youngest member of Team Soundpony taking on Cry Baby Hill - but that doesn't come without some hard work and dedication.

Cyclist Jamie Teeter said, "He has plenty of energy to keep going when most people my age go up full gas and they're lying on the ground."

Coles said he’s not nervous, just excited. He even knows how he’s going to prepare.

“You want to have good sleep and eat a lot of protein,” he said.

He’s also getting a lot of practice and advice from his mentors, something he’s taking to heart.

“I want to be a really good rider and like them…and want to be in Tour de France, and that will be really hard, but I bet I could still do it,” he said.

And until going pro, or just until Cry Baby Hill on Sunday, Coles said he will be pushing his hardest while having fun alongside his mentors, who he has a message for.

“Thank you, and we will keep doing this,” he said.