Tulsa Firefighters Battle 20-Unit Fire At Tulsa Inn

Saturday, April 9th 2016, 6:37 pm
By: News On 6

A large fire at a motel, located in the 6400 block of East Archer, affected 20 units and left a dozen people without a place to stay on Saturday night.

Over 50 firefighters fought this fire a the Tudor House Inn.

The old building and wind helped fuel the fire, making it hard for crews to put out.

As the crews worked, dozens of people staying here could only watch.

“I was watching this movie and just heard some sirens,” 9-year-old witness Loren Barrett said.

Barrett and his parents stopped here to rest.

He heard the sirens first then told his parents.

He says it was scary, and even now it's hard to hold bad the tears.

He said it made him feel better that his family was all together.

Chris Bartley says he lost everything. The fire moved so fast he didn't have time to grab anything.

"You couldn't see the top of the whole place was engulfed in flames,” Bartley said. “You couldn't see if there was a building at all. Nothing."

Fire officials say at least four units were destroyed, but in all, about 20 of them have water or smoke damage.

Fire officials say the fire started on the bottom floor inched up the wall into the attic.

As the smoke settled, firefighters brought out some of the guests’ belongings.

Barrett lost all his clothes, but he made it out with his pail of toys.

"My dad got me a new mystery halo. And he got me this Lego that's kind of like an Air Force thing."

The toys might seem like a small thing, but having them and knowing his family is safe is all the comfort he says he needs.

Despite the extensive damage, no one was hurt.