Councilors Still Debating Tulsa's Vision Tax Plan

Thursday, January 14th 2016, 6:56 pm
By: Emory Bryan

Tulsa's Vision 2025 plan still is not set in stone.

A project at the fairgrounds might be added and some projects could be removed.

After three nights of public meetings, the task force found support to add only one project. There aren’t any in particular they want to take out, but they believe they'll have to take out something.

The list is close to its final form, but still a couple of projects could be added or taken away.

The mayor and councilor GT Bynum want to add a county project to the city list, in a deal to keep the county from asking for a tax increase on the same ballot.

“If we can help them improve some of the facilities then they can provide more and better events and that's great for all of us,” Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett said.

The group didn't make any changes on Thursday, but it is ready to add the "Raw Space" project if they can find the money.

“That was the biggest outcry not addressed in this...” Connie Dodson said.

But they want more details on the plan.

"We would need to have a business plan, and data...” councilor Anna America said.

The task force has to balance out new projects with the existing pricetag.

"And if you want to add a project you fought for, you ought to be willing to cut a project you already got,” councilor Jack Henderson said.

How to do that is the big question for next week -- if the county and raw space projects are folded in.

"There's some additional things we might try to fit into this package, so we know we're going to have to cut something else,” America said.

Several projects are still under a legal review, but all are expected to pass and stay on the list.

"Next week will be a much more serious meeting, where we might add some projects and delete some projects because we don't want to increase the size of this package at all,” councilor Phil Lakin said.

The council has smaller meetings over the next week to get details on projects and decide how to move projects around on the different ballots.

Jan. 21 is what now appears to be the meeting where the final decisions are made.

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