Neighbors Give Tulsa Toddler Halloween Do-Over After Hospital Stay

Sunday, November 29th 2015, 10:38 pm
By: News On 6

A 3-year-old girl got a Halloween do-over thanks to her neighbors.

After spending about a month in the hospital, little Molly finally was well enough to go trick-or-treating.

Christmas decorations are up all across Green County. But in Molly's mind, it's still October, and she still had some candy to track down.

Molly got sick right after her third birthday, and she missed her birthday party and Halloween.

On Sunday, the 3-year-old Rapunzel was the only trick-or-treater walking through the Holliday Hills neighborhood over the Thanksgiving weekend.

""Trick or treat. Trick or treat. Hello?”

“Well, honey, the treat is all mine,” a neighbor said.

“Thank you.”

Other children got their candy fix almost a month ago, but this little Rapunzel couldn't make it back then.

“That's a lollipop. You did get a lollipop," her mother said.

Four days after her birthday, she was admitted into St. Francis Children's Hospital with pneumonia.

“So what turned into a 28-day stay in the hospital was originally supposed to be a week in the hospital, which turned into a few surgeries, complications," mother Stephanie Straight said.

When Molly was released from the hospital, her only concern was Halloween.

A simple Facebook post was all it took to make it happen.

“The response was overwhelming,” Straight said. “Within about 15 minutes there was about 60 families, 60 houses that offered to let us come over and trick or treat."

Straight says Molly was stuck in bed, and had little energy while she was sick. But now, that spunk she was missing has found its way back – enough that she was making sure News On 6 photojournalist Chris McNamara was following behind her.

"Come on,” she told him.

“He's coming, too," Straight said with a laugh.

So from house to house, she went, picking up the treats she almost missed.

"Happy Halloween, dear,” another neighbor said.

Some of the people put out Halloween decorations and even wore costumes again to play along.

Even though it's not quite the right holiday, Molly's mom since they live in a neighborhood called Holliday Hills, it's not shocking to see so many with the holiday spirit.